Art for the Holidays

Art for the Holidays


As we always say, art is the gift that keeps on giving!

Offer your loved one a beautiful print or painting this holiday season. There’s nothing more personal, memorable and touching than giving someone a meaningful gift from the heart. Since Christmas shopping can be overwhelming and exceptionally laborious, here are some recommendations for the unique people in your life!

(Photo via Design Manifest)
(Photo via Design Manifest)

For the traditionalist

Traditional art doesn’t have to be bland and flat. Choose something timeless, as opposed to abstract and avant-garde. Erika Masterson’s feminine prints are angelic and soft. “Doors of Zanzibar” by Michael Wou would also appeal to the traditionalist in your circle, what with its classic, intricate detailing.

("Splendor" by Erika Masterson)
(“Splendor” by Erika Masterson)
("Doors of Zanzibar" by Michael Wou)
(“Doors of Zanzibar” by Michael Wou)

For the minimalist

A simple, monochromatic print with edge is definitely the way to go! Consider a black and white piece with an understated ethereal theme. If your friend or family member craves colour, Esther de Groot’s “Blur” print incorporates muted blue tones.

(Photo via The Curated House. Art: “Angel 4” by Zena Holloway)
(Photo via My Scandinavian Home. Art: "Blur" by Esther de Groot)
(Photo via My Scandinavian Home. Art: “Blur” by Esther de Groot)

For the bohemian

Think modern nature. We suggest picking out a rustic, natural print that captures the organic elements of boho style. Antonio Mora’s superimposed creations speak to this laid-back, yet chic look in a modern way–he melds natural imagery with shots of beautiful women and men of all cultures. Sean Gallagher’s feather artwork is also a wonderful option. Simple, elegant, raw.

(Photo via Decor Arts Now)
(Photo via Decor Arts Now. Art: “Wood Boy“)
("Grizzly Hackle #5 by Sean Gallagher)
(“Grizzly Hackle #5” by Sean Gallagher)

For the glamazon

A little glitz and glamour never hurt! Everyone deserves a little sparkle. Georgianna Lane’s Versailles chandelier prints are luxurious and under $100. And if you’re looking for a 70’s take on glamour, Stephanie Vovas has got you covered.

(“Sparkle II” by Georgianna Lane)
(Photo via Emily Henderson. Art: "Diora, 2012")
(Photo via Emily Henderson. Art: “Diora, 2012“)

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