Citizen Atelier’s Fall Art Essentials on Breakfast Television

Citizen Atelier’s Fall Art Essentials on Breakfast Television

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With the cooler months fast approaching, many are looking to refresh their decor with a touch of coziness for fall. Heavier textiles like warm knit throws and plush pillows are always key when it comes to creating warmth, but art is also an essential that can completely transform a space. Our creative director Alessandra recently stopped by Breakfast Television Montreal to showcase her favourite pieces that will bring your home from summer to fall in a flash.

Watch the full segment here and explore the featured artwork below!

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Shop featured artwork

Left to right

“Eight Leaped Bridge, Taiwan” by Ashok Sinha
“Diora and the Berry Tree” by Stephanie Vovas
“Mallard Wing #1″ by Sean Gallagher
“Misty Forest” by Michael Wou


“The Prelude” by Rebeca Cygnus
“They Still Bloom” by Amy Friend

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